FAQ about Water Softeners and Dry Skin

Water softeners and dry skin go hand in hand the way a treatment follows a medical condition does. Water softeners are one of the cures for dry skin, but obviously, it’s not the only treatment available. Learn more about water softeners and dry skin treatments in general with our list of FAQs below.

What Can Water Softeners Do and Cause for Dry Skin Problems?

The kind of water used at home and provided by most water companies may be hard water. Hard water contains high amounts of chalk, lime and other minerals. Rainwater is naturally soft but percolation with other minerals will also cause it to become hard.

4When hard water is used, it not only causes damage to your bathroom floor by making ugly stains appear. It also does damage to your skin by making it dryer than usual.

When you use water softeners, your skin gains back its natural texture and glow.

Besides Hard Water, What are Other Causes for Dry Skin?

When you have dry skin, it simply means that your skin lacks sebum and is particularly extra sensitive. Dry skin or xerosis also indicates insufficient moisture. When this is the case, your skin is unable to maintain its smoothness and healthy appearance.

Central heating, using the wrong moisturizer and frequency of bathing are just some of the causes of dry skin.

What are the Symptoms of Having Dry Skin?

When you have dry skin, you’ll usually feel that your skin is too tight right after washing. Dry skin is also characterized by chapping, flaking, cracking, a dull appearance and the emergence of tiny lines around the eyes and mouth.

Can Wind and Temperature Have an Impact on Dry Skin?

Definitely. Extreme temperatures as well as strong winds can cause your skin to dry.

What Can I Do If I Have Dry Skin?

Bathe regularly but don’t spend too much time bathing as this can cause your skin to dry out. Avoid fabric softeners and other possible irritants. Use sunblock when you know you’ll be exposed to too much sun as heat can cause dry skin as well.

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